A Christmas Cornucopia

A Christmas Cornucopia

Annie Lennox

It’s Christmas time and, as if by clockwork, the record companies churn out the Christmas specials hoping to cash in on the season of gift giving.

And this year they have not disappointed. Along with the “greatest of” there is the regular fare of current and former artists with carols and Christmas favourites.

Many of the artists and groups have no Christian background or affiliation while others such as Amy Grant and Cliff Richard regularly have something to offer.

This year there’s something different and the last person I would have thought would have a Christmas album is Annie Lennox! And for those unfamiliar with secular popular musicians you may be excused for asking, “Who is that girl?” She was the lead singer of the group the Eurythmics.

In a recent article Lennox was described as not being a practising Christian, although she says that she is attracted by the everyday practicality of Buddhist philosophy. In fact she says that she is agnostic.

The playlist takes the old time favourites such as “Angels from the realms of glory” and “O little town of Bethlehem” along with a couple, including “Universal Child”, that will be new to listeners’ ears.

A Christmas Cornucopia may well be seen by some of the “narrow minded people” as being somewhat at odds with the Christian message. Perhaps there has always been that touch of kindness, compassion and inclusion in Annie.

Why? Just look at some of the hits, “Missionary Man” and “The Miracle of Love”. Clearly over all those years there must have been an angel playing with her heart. Believe me, would I lie to you?

Allan Gibson



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