Is Nicole Kidman the Queen of the Desert?

Ever noticed how some weeks in popular culture are just, well, strange?

As our Big Picture team, film reviewer Ben McEachen and scriptwriter Mark Hadley help us each week to navigate what is around in the world of movies, TV and other entertainment things.

This week, their Big Picture program (broadcast each Sunday night, from 8pm, on Sydney’s Hope 103.2FM) tackles everything from Nicole Kidman’s new desert drama, to Pride and Prejudice… and Zombies. Oh, and The Top 5 Write Stuff movies are listed off. Yes, it’s quite the strange week in pop culture.

With Mark being away, Ben was joined by Insights‘ reviewer Russ Matthews to discuss the merits of Kidman’s Queen of the Desert, bizarre mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and ABC’s long-running kids news program, Behind the News.

Check out the videos below to catch Ben and Russ’s thoughts about Queen of the Desert‘s drabness, the merits of being appealing to others, and the unusual appeal of the undead.

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