Why I never doubt my faith in God

Why I never doubt my faith in God

The recent Insights letters by David Palmer (Your Say, Oct/Nov 16) and Robert Henderson (Your Say Feb/Mar 17) both interest and disturb me, as is probably the purpose of the writers.

They interest me because they obviously have doubts about their faith and its foundations. I am quite confident of my personal faith and could take offence by the implications in the quote from Leslie Weatherhead in Robert Henderson’s letter.

My faith is based on the multiple “I am” statements by Jesus in John’s gospel – if I cannot believe in Jesus’ own words about himself, what can I believe? I need no other basis for my faith and the motivation it gives me to seek and do his will in my daily walk with him.

As a professional design engineer using God’s laws of engineering with complete confidence for 37 ½ years, and a strong interest in astronomy and all things scientific, the evolution of man’s knowledge of the structure and functioning of the physical world has never (repeat never) caused me to doubt my faith in God.

It disturbs me to think people are led to question their faith just because we are always learning more about how God has created all things large and small – to me (naively?), it increases my faith in the awesomeness of the creative God I worship.

And yes, we are an inclusive church as sought by David Palmer.


Vic Austin, Adamstown Uniting Church.


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