Jesus is coming back. On Netflix

Jesus is coming back. On Netflix

The world’s biggest streaming service, Netflix, has announced it’s working on a new production. And it focuses on Jesus performing miracles, in our modern world.

Jesus and Netflix. Together, for the first time, in potential series Messiah.

The TV giant behind Stranger Things, House of Cards and The Crown is looking like it will team up with super-producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

You might not know their names but you’ll know the work of this Christian married couple. Burnett was one of the creators of reality TV phenomenons Survivor and The Apprentice, and he and his wife Downey produced The Bible mini-series.

That successful adaptation of the Old and New Testaments was a global, small-screen hit in 2011. Same can’t be said for their most recent high-profile project, last year’s limp remake of Ben-Hur.

After Ben-Hur’s loose link to Jesus’s life, Messiah has Burnett and Downey sticking with imagined screen versions of the Son of God.

Netflix still has to give Messiah the official go ahead, but the Jesus TV series already has been approved for filming in California, USA.

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