Neoliberalism, Civil Society & the Church Conference

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28 Jun 2018 until 29 Jun 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Centre for Ministry, UTC


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This shift to neoliberalism is well illustrated in Free Trade Agreements which can make it possible for companies to sue governments who seek to protect social well-being – e.g. if they stop mining for environmental or social reasons, or wish to protect water as a common good.
How does the church respond to this situation? Is it still working in the ways of social liberalism? How does the church deal with the new understanding of human-ness, the state, and the nature of freedom?
This conference will explore these and other issues around neoliberalism, civil society and the church through various disciplines and approaches.


Thursday only: $35pp

Friday only: $35pp

Both days: $50 pp

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