Healthy Churches Forum | Church in a Digital Age

Healthy Churches Forum | Church in a Digital Age

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25 Nov 2020
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM



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This webinar looks at ways churches and youth leaders can tackle the challenge of reaching younger generations in the digital age.

About this Event

The world has seen extraordinary change, particularly in the past twenty years. And yet, the Church in Australia has remained relatively unchanged.

An unwillingness to change and our inability to imagine a different church, has led us down the path of decline. Our message isn’t irrelevant, but the way we are transmitting it may well be.

This webinar will explore some of the ways young people are tackling the challenge of reaching their generation in the digital age.


Rev Kiran Skariah (Pastor Skar) is a minister at Parkside Church in Western Sydney. In addition to running a vibrant, growing youth ministry, Pastor Skar has developed an online faith community through gaming. He has over fifteen thousand followers on Twitch (if you don’t know what Twitch is, then this webinar is definitely for you). Kiran will share insights on how to reach the younger generation and his motivation for this online community.

Josh Wyatt is a filmmaker and digital expert that has been building online capacity in Parramatta Nepean Presbytery through the “First Sundays” project. Josh is passionate about sharing stories and believes filmmaking is a powerful medium to do just that.

Josh will share about how congregations can increase their online and social media presence.

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Healthy Churches Forum

The Healthy Churches Forum is a series of online discussions aimed at encouraging ministry and mission from the voices of the Uniting Church in Australia Synod of NSW and ACT. These events are designed as a series of interactive discussions on some of the important aspects of maintaining a healthy congregation and experiencing vitality in church life. Join in as we unpack some important aspects of healthy congregational life surrounding leadership, discipleship and mission!

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