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What does religion (Christianity) say about relationship breakdown?

I only go to church at Christmas and Easter and I have been recently divorced by a religious partner.  We fell in love 25 years ago and married in a Catholic church,...


A Chronic Lack of Awe

Have you ever wondered why days seemed to last forever when you were a child… and now it feels like we blink and another week’s over? The pace of life is faster than...


Where is your joy?

When I visited a family recently, they joked: “Where has the joy gone? Where is this abundant life we talk about?” It reminded me of the book by Andrew Dutney...


Letter to a dying congregation

You’re not dying,you’re dead. The life support is still on so,technically, you’re still going. But onlybecause nobody wants to be the oneto pull the plug. You and...


Discovering our ‘imaginal’ realm

Recently, in talking with friends in the church, I blithely said something along the lines that we need to be more open to the imaginal realm.


What’s authority got to do with it?

Espousing the values of uniting for the common good is one thing but practicing it is quite another. It is safe to say that we have yet to learn how to dispossess...


A 21st century parable

“The church has got caught in an imperialist role, saying to others, ‘I have this, and I know what is good for you. Without what I have you are poor and ignorant...


Where did the joy go?

So, in your Congregations, Church councils and small groups, I ask you to talk about, “where is your joy?”


For me to follow Jesus

When I was first persuaded of the merits of this Jesus character it was by a committed group who belonged in the Evangelical camp.